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Core elements of our service

Paperwork processing

Your dedicated accountant processes sales invoices, purchase invoices, reconciles bank account statements and posts these transactions in the books. We discuss with you any question that requires clarification.

Tax calculations

In the case of VAT, your accountant will calculate your tax position each month or quarter, depending on the VAT reporting frequency. We run monthly payroll and calculate payroll taxes. As part of a year end closing procedure, your accountant will calculate your annual taxes like local business tax, corporation tax, or small business tax (KIVA).

Communication with tax office

Whenever it comes to communication with the tax office, it always requires a professional approach. We will liaise with the tax office and inform you about every step in a transparent way. We will ensure you understand the tax office call and so you will be able to comply with the requirements and allow proper answers to the tax office.

Customer and vendor statements

Do you need more insights into your records on the go? Our team is more than happy to provide you with customer or vendor statements, detailed listings or ageing lists regularly or just on ad-hoc basis. Monthly reports are also available.

Financial statements preparations

Year-end closing is part of our core services. Our qualified accountants are licensed to preparing financial statements, that involves revision of the bookkeeping, clarification of any open issues, tax reconciliation, inventory calculation, accruals and deferrals postings, annual tax computation, and preparation of the annual financial statements.

Contractual relationship

Our engagements begin with creating a contract and a proper tax POA that creates the formal framework of our relationship. As being financial service providers, by law we are required to carry out client identification and ultimate beneficial owner identification.

Legal services

Does your company require legal support? No problem, our partnering lawyer is happy to help solve any legal matters, let it be company administration, shareholding sale or debt collection.

20+ years experience

We are proudly present in the accounting industry for more than 20 years that allowed us to accumulate enormous knowledge and experience. We are dedicated to supporting our clients with all this outstanding knowledge base and that allows you to be sure your accounting and tax compliance matters are lying in good hands.

Full list of accounting procedures

  • Preparing accounting policy
  • Preparing valuation, stocktaking, cash managent, costing regulations
  • General ledger postings
  • Keeping detailed listings of fixed assets
  • Stock recording, inventory calculations
  • Keeping detailed customer and vendor statements
  • Maintaining other detailed records as necessary
  • Monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly closings
  • Preparation of financial statements, balance sheets, and profit & loss accounts
  • Preparation of the notes to the financial statements
  • Ad-hoc reports

Our service in details

Financial statements | Balance sheet | Profit&Loss account | Trial balance

These are the tools that help you in having an either strategic or detailed review of your business. Our accountant office provides a very personal and responsive accounting service in Budapest, to ensure continuous information which will allow you to safely manage your company finances. Preparation of the accounts is prescribed in very details by law, defining the content, form, and deadline for preparation. Knowing these are essential in providing quality service to our clients.

To use our accounting service we conclude a full legal contract with our clients, that contains the particular tasks, deadlines, the way of handing over documents, service fee, and the responsibility of the client and the accountant.

At the same time in line with Act 53 of 2017 on Prevention of Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism, we execute the client screening too.

In the accounting service, we’re happy to collect your documents in our office or through electronic channels. We’ll check into the vouchers, bills, and invoices and discuss the actual matters, issues and actions.

We record the documents in the books in compliance with the Accounting act. Before the deadline for submission we prepare VAT returns, and inform the client about the payable amount. After double-checking and approval we submit the tax return. In the case of payroll services we prepare monthly payroll calculation and submit the monthly tax return. We let our clients know about the payable sum well before the payment date.

You will receive continuous information about the status of your tax account, possible arrears or surpluses. Before year-end closings, we discuss the forecasted profit and will give you the anticipated amount of payable year-end taxes.

During the year-end closing, we reconcile general ledger balances, reconcile detailed and general ledger records, tax account, and wages and social contributions. We compute year-end taxes and prepare year-end tax reports. We assemble the financial statements, that contains the balance sheet, profit and loss account, the notes, and the business report (in case this latter is needed).

In a personal meeting with our client, we discuss the financial statements and give information about what the balance sheet and profit and loss account show. Upon approval from our client, we submit the financial statements and year-end tax reports.

The annual vouchers, bills, invoices, bank statements will be filed in an organized way, and return to our client ready to archive.

The majority of the documentation relating to accounting is prepared electronically, in case you require you will be given access to the electronic documents.