Tax compliance services

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Hungary's 9% corporate tax rate is the lowest in EU

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Hungary is full member of the European Union, vat registration is simple, EU vat number application is easy.

With a Hungarian company, you can enjoy these benefits easily.

By using our tax compliance services your tax affairs will lie in good hands.

VAT, PIT, CIT, social contribution tax, simplified entrepreneurial tax, tax of small businesses, and so on…

Taxation is admittedly a complicated and difficult area.

As part of our services, we will prepare your tax reports timely, accurately, precisely and reliably, together with the underlying computations, calculations, and necessary records. You will always get notified about your tax payables well before payment deadlines.

We will let you know your current tax balance and will reconcile that.

Whenever needed we can advise you for optimizing your taxes.

You'll be represented at the tax office, and upon your request we'll take charge of tax inspections.

VAT registration

We accept engagements for vat registration in Hungary.

VAT registration might be needed for foreigner businesses within the European Union to comply with distant selling, cross-border transactions or permanent settlement regulations.


General tax rates in 2019

Corporate tax:9%
VAT:standard VAT rate is 27%, preferential rates are 18% and 5%
Local business tax:2% is levied on net sales revenue less the cost of goods sold, sub-contractors’ and material expenses
Personal income tax:15% flat rate applies to tax resident individuals
Social security tax:after gross wages 19.5% contribution is payable by the employers and 18.5% is deducted from the employees