Company formation in Hungary

  • € 945 + vat as applicable
  • registration in 1-2 weeks
  • virtual office
  • premium tax saving solution
  • EU vat number immediately
  • fast preparations in email
  • assisted by lawyers and professionals
  • safe and secure guided procedure

Professional accountant

  • from € 120 + vat /mo
  • English speaking accountant in Budapest
  • qualified with high level of experience
  • experienced in Hungarian GAAP
  • experienced professional in IFRS and group reporting packages
  • fair prices
  • responsive service

Tax compliance

  • statutory tax returns
  • tax advisory
  • tax structure counseling
  • balanced tax risk considerations


  • statutory audit based on Hungarian GAAP
  • auditing based on ISAs
  • auditing transformations
  • auditing in-kind contributions’ valuation
  • risk based approach


  • payroll computation
  • employee registration
  • payroll tax reporting
  • income certificates
  • personal income tax return preparation
  • double taxation matters

Member of

Chamber of Hungarian Auditors
Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry
V4 Group
BSPL accounting and auditing

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One-stop-shop company registration in Hungary

Let your business managed by our team right from opening the company through its complete lifespan.

Opening a company in Hungary is an easy procedure, and it usually takes 1-2 weeks. Although there are several types of companies we recommend limited liability company (kft). This has minimum share capital requirement of HUF 3,000,000 (cca eur 9,400), and the liability of the owner is limited by the share capital. The initial capital can be paid in cash immediately at company registration or later by bank transfer until a specified future date.

We provide virtual office as seat address which includes mail scanning and mail forwarding.

As part of our company registration service you can opt to choose special tax saving solution with premium registration.

All our fees include initial consultation about the new company, preparing the incorporation documents, tax registration, lawyer fees, state fees, company address and delivery proxy for 1st year. EU vat number is available already at the time of opening the company in Hungary.

The company formation may take place in person in Budapest, however our convenient solution allows remote signature as well without any additional fee.

Tax compliance and accountancy

Having completed with the company registration you can further use our team to manage tax compliance and accountancy for you. Therefor you’ll get rid of the lengthy and tiring process of researching for a suitable accountant in Hungary.

In Hungary every company shall keep record of its accounts, and in order to do so you will need the help of a qualified accountant. He will manage your company’s invoices and books, and will prepare the necessary tax returns and annual report. The accountant will prepare the payroll and salary calculations for your employees, and will inform you about the taxes that you have to pay.

Above certain threshold limit companies in Hungary shall have their annual reports audited, and so they shall hire a qualified auditor, who is licensed for carrying out statutory audits.

AccountingBudapest provides accounting, tax, payroll and audit services in English and Hungarian, so you will be able to keep personal contact with your English-speaking accountant who will help you in company matters. This will guarantee that your company will meet the strict deadlines in taxation and reporting. The English-speaking accountant will help you in dealing with Hungarian administration and official mailing as well.

AccountingBudapest also provides help in setting up your company in Budapest. You may require general consultation on how to do business in Hungary, or in a particular business matter.
With more than ten years of experience and international practice AccountingBudapest will be happy to offer you either accounting or audit services.

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Company formation and accounting in Hungary

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