Company Portal goes live from 1 January

The government’s company portal system goes fully live from 1 January 2019, which may block companies’ tax administration if not arranged.

The company portal has been on the table since August 2017, though it might have fallen out of the lights after the National Tax Administration (NTA) confirmed at the end of the last year that they will accept tax reports through the existing channels. They suggested this transition period will be granted for the year 2018.

Recently the NTA has acknowledged that usage of the Company Portal becomes mandatory from 1 January. Accordingly, tax reports and taxation related issues can be managed only via the Company Portal system.

Since the current year is passing quickly we want to call your attention to initiate the registration if you haven’t already completed.

As the first step the director of the company shall register for the Client Portal (“Ügyfélkapu”). This provides identification services for the private persons who want to use the government e-services. The registration can take place at any government desk, or at any Hungarian consular office.
You will need to appear personally, and in the procedure you will be identified by your ID card or passport.

The second step is to register for the Company Portal. The website can be found at https://cegkapu.gov.hu. Here the director of the company needs to login with their Client Portal credentials. After that most likely you will need to fill in a form about the company and the contact details, and upload a fresh copy of the company extract, and the specimen signature of the director.

Finally, you need to assign your tax adviser to the Company Portal, this can be done through the website https://tarhely.gov.hu.

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